Among those dispatched: One senator

Mere hours later, their tragic story would be eclipsed by an even more extreme outburst of violence, when Omar Mateen opened fire inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. History, inconceivable in its scope. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the public struck up heated conversations about homophobia, Islamist terrorismandgun control, scrambling to answer the most baffling question of all: Why?.

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R12 and not caring is basically what caused all the mid 80’s

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Often, there are class and race issues involved

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Family that have lifted me up

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With teams from the same city

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She overseesefforts such as the SN 10: Scientists to Watch and

Can see we got the carpet half removed. The water came in through the partially opened windows, soaked the carpet, and it is now waiting for an assessment. Also made its way in through a hole in the main branch chimney, potentially affecting the boiler.

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With the world watching once again

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For this reason alone, many businesses in Johnson county now

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